Free Download WP Rocket v3.10.6 – Latest Version

Free Download WP Rocket is the most popular paid cache plugin for WordPress. There are also a number of free plugins, like W3 Total Cache and WP Super Cache. There’s no point in downloading them, though; WP Rocket provides more than just caching capabilities.

This comes with a lot of features that are helpful for making your site run more efficiently. Here are two examples of what the plugin can do: Media optimization, pre-loading, lazy-loading, database optimization – just to name a few. The plugin also works with all the popular plugins – Yoast SEO, Cloudflare, Sucuri and many others.

Free Download WP Rocket
Free Download WP Rocket

WP Rocket is for people who don’t know much about caching or plugin configuration. You can set this up in less than 5 minutes, even if you’ve never done anything like it before!

Even if you don’t make any adjustments, WP Rocket will automatically apply all recommended and safe settings as soon as the plugin is activated.

If your theme has lots of CSS and Java scripts or HTML files, WP Rocket is the best caching plugin for WordPress to use. It will compress them and reduce the page size without breaking your page so all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the speed and security that WP Rocket provides.

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How to Install WP Rocket v3.10.6 Plugin?

  • Download the latest .zip file for the plugin.
  • Log into your WordPress website
  • Go to “Plugins”>“Add New.”
  • Click the “Upload Plugin” button at the top of the page.
  • Select the .zip file with the updated version of the plugin.
  • Click the “Install Now” button.

Sales Page of WP Rocket v3.10.2 – WordPress Caching Plugin

Demo Link

Main Features WP Rocket Caching Plugin

Quick Setup

The configuration of WP Rocket is simple and easy. You don’t need any programming knowledge to tweak the plugin’s settings to suit your needs.

Page Caching

Plugin: WP Rocket – WordPress Cache Plugin provides an ultra-fast load time, essential for SEO and conversion rates. Page caching is instantly activated without needing any configuration when you turn on the plugin.

Cache Preloading

WP Rocket – WordPress Cache Plugin gets triggered as soon as a crawler visits the site. This triggers the preloading of cache and improves the indexing of your site by a search engine, thus giving you a competitive advantage.

Sitemap Preloading

WP Rocket is a cache plugin with an inbuilt XML sitemap. This works to load all the URLs in your Sitemap so that they don’t have to be loaded on every page. Load times are improved dramatically, with this nifty tool.

GZIP Compression

Gzip is an open-source file format, designed to reduce the size of intermediate text data for faster transmission over bandwidth-limiting communications channels.

Browser Caching

Your site’s static content will automatically be stored in a user’s browser cache. This means that it would automatically be loaded even if a user visits another page from your site.


Images on the site load as the visitor scroll down, boosting site speed & providing a better user experience. All major platforms are using this technique right now.

Database Optimization

WP Rocket is a WordPress plugin that can help improve your site’s performance. It clears up your database and optimizes it to reduce the size of the database. You can also schedule when these processes will happen automatically.

Remove Query Strings from Static Resources

WP Rocket makes your website faster by removing Query Strings from CSS/JS files, improving GT Matrix Grading.

Minification / Concatenation

WP Rocket – WordPress Cache Plugin decreases the size of your HTML, CSS and JS files through minification. Reduced size results in a faster loading time.

Defer JS Loading

JavaScript is loaded after the page has been rendered. This leads to faster loading time


WP Rocket supports the most widely used CDN services such as Amazon Cloudfront, MaxCDN, and KeyCDN

Import/Export Setting

You can easily export/import WP Rocket settings with an import-export tool.

What’s New in WP Rocket v3.10.6 (Changelog)

WP Rocket v3.10.6 changelog:

Enhancement: Update minimum WP version to 5.4 (#4341)

Enhancement: Implement a new UI for Optimized CSS Delivery (#4245)

Enhancement: Move WebP Compatibility option to a One-Click Rocket Add-on (#3804)

Enhancement: Add expiration rules for if image format (#4206)

Enhancement: Remove the Disable Embeds option (#3773)

Enhancement: Remove the Delete Expired Transients option (#3578)

Enhancement: Empty some files no longer needed (#3839)

WP Rocket v3.9.4 changelog:

Enhancement: Update delay JS script to catch click events before the scripts are loaded (#4303)

Enhancement: Add the delay JS script to the page after the meta charset if it’s present (#4121)

Enhancement: Remove the clear cache notice after using clear used CSS since it also clears the cache (#4212)

Bugfix: Prevent a possible error on WooCommerce product pages with delay JS enabled (#4255)

Bugfix: Prevent a possible PHP notice in some cases when using remove unused CSS (#4243)

3rd party compatibility: Improve delay JS compatibility with a number of scripts (#4075, #4241, #4169)

Enhancement: Don’t add font-face in Critical CSS & remove preload fonts when Optimize CSS Delivery is enabled.

This change should result in an overall improvement of the Core Web Vitals score (#3667)

Bugfix: Correctly purge expired cache on some environments (#3668)

Bugfix: Only add the preconnect link to the Google fonts domain when there are Google fonts on the page (#3219)

Bugfix: Prevent PHP error in some cases during license validation (#3449)

3rd party compatibility: Add new inline JS exclusions from combine JS (#3665, #3671, #3683)

3rd party compatibility: Ignore Pinterest ads query string when serving the cache(#3682)

3rd party compatibility: Exclude nonce actions for Discount rules and Dynamic pricing for WooCommerce (#3679)

  • Enhancement: Use a persistent file name with a query string for minified files to reduce 404 errors on some setups.

  • Enhance: Fetch and combine CSS content from files imported inside the “minified” CSS files

  • Bugfix: Make sure you enter the correct query string after activating the plugin

  • 3rd party compatibility: Add the “woocommerce/deals-exclude” filter for Tiered Pricing Table for WooCommerce

  • Bugfix: This quick & easy tutorial will show you exactly what you need to do in order to ensure that your update form does not encounter a PHP warning message.

  • Enhancement: Update exclusions from the combine and defer JS.

  • Enhancement: Add a `never_cache` parameter to your URL requests to avoid caching.

  • Add a new filter to rewrite custom srcset values to the CDN URL.

  • Some other minor bug fixes and enhancements.

Free Download WP Rocket v3.10.6 Latest Version – Caching Plugin for WordPress

Free Download  Link

Note: It’s important that you disable any existing active caching plugin on your website before installing WP Rocket Premium Plugin v3.10.6, as there can be incompatibilities with certain caching plugins or CMSes like WordPress which is what the plugin is designed to work with.

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What is WP Rocket?

WP Rocket is a powerful and easy to use plugin that can improve your site loading speed. You don’t need to spend more than 3 minutes adding and configuring it.

Why is a fast site important?

A slow website can have major consequences. Not only does it make your visitors leave, but it also affects your SEO performance. A fast site ranks higher with search engines.

What makes WP Rocket better than other caching plugins?

WP Rocket delivers the most cutting-edge performance features you can find: lazy loading of images, deferred loading of JavaScript, combined and minified CSS and JS files.

We also have a preload and sitemap preload feature, so that when human visitors come to your site, they immediately get the cached version of the page.

While being absolutely complete, WP Rocket is also very easy to configure. Unlike other plugins, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to configure ours.

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